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Our farm market is open from Mid-May through December 31st every year. We offer all fresh Michigan fruits as they come into season. We have a wide variety of Michigan products as well as some from our neighboring states! Here is just a partial list of what you can expect to find at Montrose Orchards:
Bullet 1 Fresh Fruit (in season) 
Bullet 2 Frozen Fruits and Vegetables (Click for Oder From) 
Bullet 3 Fresh Pressed Apple Cider (in season) 
Bullet 4 Apple Cider Slush (in season) 
Bullet 5 Honey (a great selection of flavors and sizes to choose from) 
Bullet 6 Syrups 
Bullet 1 Michigan Maple 
Bullet 2 Flavored Syrups 
Bullet 3 Sugar Free/No Sugar Added Syrups 
Bullet 1 Ice Cream 
Bullet 2 Jams, Jellies & Preserves 
Bullet 3 Jars of Salad Dressings, Grilling Sauces and Condiments 
Bullet 4 Emu Products 
Bullet 5 Natural Tart Cherry Juice and Cherry Juice Concentrate 
Bullet 6 Crafts 
Bullet 7 Unique gift items & lots of fun seasonal items 
Wait, there's more...
Along with market products, we have Debbie's Kitchen within our store. Debbie's Kitchen keeps the place smelling wonderful with fresh baked goods. Donuts, pies, cookies, breads...it's all here!

Our rack-and-cloth, small batch cider mill was the first stainless steel cider mill in Genesee County. It was purchased by James Hill in the 1950's and is still in operation nearly everyday during the fall. Our guests are always welcome to walk through the mill and watch it press, or if it's off season for cider pressing, one of our staff will be happy to explain it's operation for you.

During the summer and fall, you won't want to miss our working beehive. Bees are truly one of nature's miracles.

The market, mill and dining areas are full of great antiques, reminding us of days gone by. We have an American Indian arrowhead collection that is something to behold! Many of them were found on our own property.

Montrose Orchards market...so much more than just fruit!
All tours include a complimentary apple cider and donut.
As you can see, fall time is definitely ORCHARD time!!!
Visit Montrose Orchards today!

Year 'round Catering

Apple Cider Smoked Ribs
with Blueberry BBQ sauce!
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Asparagus -Mid May
Strawberries -Mid June
Raspberries -Early July
Cherries -Mid July
Blueberries -Mid July
Peaches -Mid August
Apples -Mid August
Plums -Late August
Pumpkins -Mid September

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Customize your gift baskets.
We don't fill the bottom with paper, you get a basket FULL of fruits, jams, honey, and baked goods and more.
Fruit Basket

Come and visit our new craft corner! Local crafters sell their one-of-a-kind gifts, clothing and handy household items.
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Fall is the perfect time to plant trees. Our tree spade can make light work of planting, moving or removing trees.
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Season Hours
Monday - Saturday: 10:00a-5:00p
Sunday: 12:00p-5:00p

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